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Alumni of the Month

I had no idea how to deal with my emotions and I masked my feelings with humour and lies. As soon as I was able and capable to think for myself I became confused, angry and constantly in a state of internal conflict. Even I became to question my behaviour and treatment of others as I came across arrogant and rude. Instead of committing to understanding who I was, I became the person I thought others wanted me to be. Being a chameleon in order to gain acceptance and gratification. I based daily and important life decisions on impulsive emotions and had little idea how to discern right from wrong. Read the rest of my story by clicking here

Recovery Month Canada

We need your help!  Sign the Petition  – Call Your MP

Please ask them to support Motion M-40

Motion M-40 calls on Canada to designate the month of September, every year, as National Recovery Awareness Month to recognize and support Canadians recovering from addiction and to demonstrate that recovery from addiction is possible, attainable and sustainable.   www.RecoveryMonthCanada.com

Last Door Groups Go Online

Friends and Family Group, Partners Group, Family Group, Young Adult Alumni Group, Alumni Group, all evening support groups are now online.

To read Last Doors full COVID-19 Response, click here


David’s Talks

David Pavlus is the founder and former Executive Director of Last Door Recovery Society,  with over 35 years of addiction treatment experience.  These are his legacy talks, a series on addiction treatment and recovery.  Talks include #1 Stigma, Addiction and Dignity.  #2 Early Recovery, #3 Addiction in the Family, #4 Addiction Truth and Lies.

Watch all of David Talks here 

Talk Recovery Radio

Talk Recovery airs live every Thursday at noon on 100.5 FM, Vancouver Coop Radio.   Last Door produces a weekly radio show having conversations about the many pathways to addiction recovery.  To end stigma we must continue to talk about recovery.   Talk Recovery is in its 6th Season, thank you to all our weekly listeners and guests.  Powered by #NewWestRecovery

Replay all shows at www.TalkRecoveryRadio.com 

Clean Sober and Proud

Local Artists and members of the recovery community will come together to create an art piece to share the message that recovery from addiction is not only possible but beautiful too.

Celebrate the beauty of pride in recovery. Your art piece will then be on display somewhere in the West End on Pride Day August 2nd for public consumption. Also, make a sign for the first-ever Clean Sober Proud Social Distancing Pride walk on August 2nd that will also take place somewhere in the West End on Pride Day August 2nd.

Only 5 people max per 30 minutes can participate in the collective Art Mash-Up  Register here

Recovery Capital Virtual Conference Speaker Announcement

  • September 4th 2020 – Join us for a Nationwide Virtual Webinar.
  • Up to 3,000 Attendee Spaces
  • Earn CEUS
  • Canada’s NEW Recovery Captial Assessment and Recovery Management took-kit


Introducing Canada’s Recovery Capital Tool-kit

Last Door Keystone Farm-To-Table Program

Providing delicious nutritious meals for our clients and ecotherapy






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