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Music Festival with Drugs and Alcohol, how do you stay sober?

Today on Talk Recovery we speak with Kansas Caffery,  from True North Recovery Services in Encinitas CA.  He recently wrote a guide on How to Stay Sober.  Followed by personal story, Elya, being a mom, in recovery, and living one day at a time.

I got into the field addiction treatment when I was 19 years old working as a nurse’s aide and medical detox, I was about a year sober. I was working at an adolescent program that ended up going to private practice with the medical director. We decided to open an outpatient program, gearing towards recovery services. We were clinical driven and clinicians.

I think that we’ve created an enabling system. I believe that we the private sector has created recidivism and we’re seeing more people now that have been to, 8 to 10 treatment centers than ever before. And that’s because these folks are being brought into treatment they’re not actually treated. The first thing I do when I look at making a referral to a residential program is I look at their staff page and try to match how many people that are working there. I’m looking for who is their core staff because who they even put on their staff page isn’t necessarily providing the treatment. If somebody comes in once a month and you know give a lecture, doesn’t mean they are working there.

I know that we’ve tried to put forward being an intensive outreach program. I am intentionally unattached to any sober living home. A lot of folks around here are trying to do both.

I’ve worked with folks everywhere from non-profit to the homeless shelter for families that have also worked with kids from Beverly Hills. I think if somebody could remove some of what addicts think they have the right to choose in early recovery, there could be a little bit more of a deeper awareness and insight into the process of change. I think that was some of my success and I just wanted to touch on that for those that have gone through it. The family or the support systems around a person must step back and let them fall, rather than forcing the fall they must allow them to fall. I think that there is one other piece that not a lot of people are going to say out loud but I’m going to say it out loud is that we must acknowledge their right to die.

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  • However, I also didn’t want to be naive about the situation.

I have heard too many times, “If you hang around a barber shop long enough, you’ll eventually get your hair cut.” I knew that I needed to be smart about attending this festival. So, I formed a plan that would help me while there. First, I was attending the festival with a good group of friends that were all sober and had a decent amount of time sober. That, first and foremost, made me feel much safer. I had people I could talk to if I started to feel uncomfortable. I also had many people that I could call, that weren’t attending the festival, if I needed to, including my sponsor, therapist, and good friends in the program.  …

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