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Guest 1

Addiction Recovery Services, Heartquest

Cory Wint, 24 years ago, Cory who is the CEO and president of Heartquest Addiction Wellness Centre struggled with addiction and he received help at an addiction treatment centre. Cory then went on a year later to do a training program at the addiction treatment centre. After the training program in the addictions field he was working and started to go back to school and started working. Cory spoke about how he did not finish his grade 12 and did not pass high school, his addiction took over and drinking became a lot more important than anything else in his life, his addiction took over.

Cory and his wife run a wellness center and the name Heartquest came from his idea of wanting to have the word heart in his name of his addiction centre. It came from the saying that people use that are in recovery from addiction and that is “Sometimes the longest journey is from the head to the heart”. He speaks about himself and how he is very good in his head and can talk logically and rationality all day but to get into the feelings and what’s really going on for someone in their heart is very hard for someone in recovery from addiction.

Heartquest does a lot of different things, they do assessments, drug and alcohol assessments, people coming from all walks of life who suffer from addiction and might need some sort of treatment. After the assessment Heartquest will make some recommendations for education or treatment. But the majority of the work they do is Medical monitoring and that’s working with employees in safety sensitive positions such as police officers, nurses, or someone driving a truck or a forklift or things that if there is an issue at work right where something becomes apparent to the employer they get sent for an independent medical examination to an addictions doctor and the doctor will then usually recommend some sort of treatment followed by 2 years of medical monitoring.

To finish off the interview we spoke about the best way that can help the downtown east side and Cory said Detox and Treatment on demand, if someone wants help they need to receive it immediately. Also, the next thing is more communication between people working in the addiction fields and the people in charge, such as minister Judy Darcy.

Guest 2

Personal Addiction Recovery Story

Cole is someone in long term recovery and is the executive director of Back on Track treatment centre for addiction.  Back on track comes from getting your life back on track and chose recovery instead of addiction. Cole had a decision to make 7 years ago to go to prison or go into recovery and clean up and become a productive member of society.  Cole admits that it was not his wisdom that brought him to recovery and it had to be the consequence to a sentence that would help him avoid jail. It went from realizing how many years that were wasted and spent in addiction to making a commitment to get clean.

Back on Track is an all male facility and has around 60 clients, Cole says how most of his challenges of operating up are pretty much behind him and he feels as though he has the support of the local authorities. Back on Track consists of 6 houses, 4 first stage and 2 second stage. Back on Track had a hard time convincing the by law and city people that they were a legitimate recovery house because many in Surrey are not legitimate. 70-75% of Back on Track’s clients come from the street according to Cole.

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