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This week on Talk Recovery Radio CEO of Prodigal Recovery and radio show host of Recovery Hope Mark Marcley joins us followed by Marika Paquin who is an Occupational Therapist, Psychotherapist for the Sensory-Enhanced Yoga Institute. Join us for a full hour on Facebook Live and Coop Radio 100.5fm. 

Prodigal Recovery

Addiction TreatmentWe want you to know there is hope, but we don’t want to give you false hope. Recovery is difficult, it takes work, determination and a lot of prayer. At Prodigal Recovery, you will see we offer many of the tools necessary to remain drug and alcohol-free.

There are, however, many other tools and resources in our community to help ensure your recovery.  As an individual, you need to be proactive to implement as much as you can into your schedule to ensure your long-term recovery.

Another thing that is very important and I hear repeated often, is the need to have fun.  We can help you do that here as well.  In addition to 7 large bedrooms with 12 very nice and comfortable beds, here are some of the things we offer other than a well-structured and disciplined home.

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Recovering Hope

Addiction Recovery RadioOur new interactive radio show, Recovering Hope, is broadcast every Wednesday evening from 6-7PM on 106.7 FM, The Big Talker.

It will air live on the Recovering Hope FB page as well as on, and be sure to subscribe to the podcast version to catch the show after it airs.

We’ll cover all aspects of recovery, and hear stories from our community. Tune in!

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Sensory Enhanced Yoga

Sensory Enhanced Yoga InstituteMarika Paquin is an Occupational Therapist, Psychotherapist for the Sensory-Enhanced Yoga Institute.

The Sensory-Enhanced Yoga Institute (SEYI) is a professional educational organization that trains yoga instructors, yoga therapists, licensed health professionals, and educators in the evidence informed practices of Sensory-Enhanced Yoga® and also directly serves traumatized and highly stressed populations (such as military veterans, emergency responders, victims of sexual trauma, victims of domestic violence, and students with special needs) through outreach efforts, program development and operation, and research.

Sensory-Enhanced Yoga® applies techniques from sensory-based occupational therapy practices as well as recent findings from the fields of neurobiology and trauma psychology to address core symptoms of PTSD and related quality of life factors.  The program is especially informed by the highly successful treatment protocol used in the Iraq Yoga Study with deployed U.S. military personnel (Stoller et al, 2012), from which the program evolved, as well the specialized expertise of the SEYI faculty.

Lynn Stoller, founding President of the Sensory-Enhanced Yoga® Institute, is both a certified yoga therapist and a registered occupational therapist certified in sensory integration (SIPT). Lynn co-developed the treatment protocol used in the Iraq Yoga Study and has continued to build on her original ideas and writings during the course of her work with veterans in her local community, her experiences as a former faculty member of Warriors at Ease, and her intensive studies through Joseph LePage’s Integrative Yoga Therapy program.

Several additional faculty members contribute enormously to the expertise of the program. Some discovered the great healing power of yoga and meditation during the course of their own personal journeys and struggles, and all have achieved a high level of specialized education and expertise in the subject. All are registered yoga teachers or certified yoga therapists, and most are also licensed professional health care providers. Two are very highly accomplished and decorated military veterans. We also have a certified special education teacher and occupational therapist who will co-lead the institute’s S.M.Y.L.E.™ (Sensory and Mindfulness-based Yoga for Learning Environments) program. Please click here to read the bios of our highly talented faculty.

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Marika Paquin

Marika PaquinMarika has been working as an occupational therapist with motor vehicle accident claimants since 1993, with a focus on clients with mild-to-moderate acquired brain injury, who have musculoskeletal, neurological, cognitive and/or psychosocial issues, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  She has been working with Canadian veterans since 2010, with a focus on physical disability, mental health and PTSD.  Marika has been using principals of yoga in treatment for many years. She initially trained as a Hatha Yoga teacher through Sivananda, and went on to do trainings focusing on using yoga in physical and mental health rehabilitation, such as Structural Yoga Therapy, Warriors at Ease, Yoga of the Heart, Veterans Yoga Project, and Mindful Resilience.  Marika consults about Mental Health Occupational Therapy and Sensory Enhanced Yoga® in the treatment of PTSD traumatized veterans and soldiers in Ukraine.  She is part of a group that has facilitated Occupational Therapy education in Ukraine. Marika serves as a faculty member of the Sensory-Enhanced Yoga® Institute.

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