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Last Door Addiction Treatment Services remains committed to the delivery of the Family Enhancement Program 4 Day Retreat that takes place at Last Door’s Keystone Facility.   Last Door believes in providing this valuable service to families that have loved ones in addiction and early recovery, to help families overcome addiction and achieve sustainable recovery.   Families involved in the addiction treatment process typically have better health outcomes.

Louise Cooksey the Director of Development conducted a program review in May 2019. The review summarized demographics regarding gender, program attendance and other details, collated participants’ and residents’ feedback, surveyed staff impressions and suggestions.

Purpose of the review was:

  • To evaluate the effectiveness of program.
  • To evaluate quality from participants point of view
  • Assess cost effectiveness
  • Quality improvement in terms of potential changes and improvements

Results were reported to the Board of Directors, Senior Management and reviewed with participating staff.  Clinical changes have been noted and implemented, Last Door will train more of its staff in the delivery model of the Family Enhancement Program and some longer terms goals have been set  to increase the size and frequency of the 4 day retreats, currently Last Door hosts the program every quarter.

We would like to extend thanks to everyone who participated in the family portion of our programming, including Parents and Co-Parenting Groups, Family counselling with Chris Kitteringham and to the staff who generously give their time to the development and delivery of this program. Another special thanks goes out to the donors who helped support the Family Enhancement Program by generous donations at our 35th Gala in May! All levels of support have inspired us to continue with our Family Programs.

Last Door Keystone Retreat is located in Mission BC, one hour outside of its Youth and Adult Addiction Treatment facilities in New Westminster BC. Clients participate in Recreational and Horticultural Therapy Activities at the Keystone Retreat. Every Quarter Last Door hosts the Family Enhancement Addiction Treatment Program.

Dealing with Addiction in the Family?  Click here for more details on Last Door’s Family Program and Last Door’s Keystone Retreat Program for Families

Some highlighted Data that was collected

Total # Sessions 9
Total Participants 80
Couples 26
Other Family Members 5
Stayed Off Site 1
Out of Town=28 31
Gender Female 51
Gender Male 29
Completion 78


  • The group setting; Being able to discuss details in an intimate setting
  • Having another parent come out as an alcoholic and seeing my son support him!
  • The people are incredible, the place is incredible Friendships made with others
  • Awareness isn’t enough action is required
  • Content/guest speakers were amazing; The parent speakers; seeing and hearing their stories
  • Spending time with other parents
  • Linda’s content was excellent presented well; Linda and Louise are a powerful duo
  • Food
  • Small group intimacy; Bonding with the other parents
  • Having Jordan, Connor and Mike there was invaluable
  • Family involvement in recovery; abstinence; give and take family interactions; The retreat was more than I imagined
  • Connections, we all had something in common
  • Watching the group “open” as the weekend progressed
  • To work on what wellness looks like for me including boundaries
  • That I can find a group what can support me and that recovery is shared by both the addict and the family
  • I need to focus on my recovery
  • Better understanding of Recovery Process
  • Tremendous feeling of support & Caring
  • Great group, relaxing, informative, supportive
  • Admire David, Louise, Linda=glad we brought our son to the Door
  • Relationships take team work & effort
  • Hope becomes more evident; fear replaced by faith
  • A great way for families to learn about recovery
  • There is hope
  • My recovery parallels my son’s
  • Vulnerability; open honest sharing from everyone
  • Leaders sharing their journeys made it easier for me to share mine
  • Soul connections
  • All of it! the staff, the location, the food, the parents
  • I have my own recovery plan, have made lifelong connections
  • Education
  • Learning to respond rather than react

What did you enjoy about the retreat?

  • Safe environment
  • Small group setting works well
  • The free time portion was important to allows us to digest information (and food)
  • Connecting with other parents who have walked the same path
  • The setting, the facilitators, the food
  • Being able to have coffee and conversation
  • Laughter, friendship, the setting
  • Knowing we are helping ourselves and our boys
  • The educational component; learning to move to from awareness to action
  • Honestly loved everything; the place, the content the speakers
  • Meeting new people who are living with the same situations
  • Inspired by the facilitators stories of change
  • Quality of information and facilitators
  • Enjoyed the weekend; glad there were other Dads
  • Felt comfortable, part of listened to
  • Casual setting, open sharing of experiences
  • Safe place to become vulnerable
  • Facilitators had skills that complemented each others strengths
  • Everything-the sessions, the walks, meeting other parents, the staff, the food, support
  • Balanced; The Classes
  • The communication
  • Learned a lot about recovery process
  • Opportunity to share, reach out and create safe haven
  • Beautiful Setting;Whole environment was inspiring
  • Learned how to stay connected

Are there aspects of the retreat that could have been improved? If so what?

  • Important to have Dad’s participate or it can become a “Mom” thing
  • We need more assistance with the REAP;Different questions in the REAP
  • Small time set aside for just Dads to talk with each other
  • Some slides were hard to read; Maybe keep info in binders in point form
  • I would have liked more class time but maybe not for everyone=balance
  • A small break very hour
  • Ongoing events – out of town connectors
  • Maybe have a facilitator sit in on the small groups
  • Not that I can think of; well run
  • Peter should play the guitar
  • I’ve done other family programs; this is the best!
  • Not sure; there seemed to be balance for each person to share even though we were in a group setting
  • It would have helped to know we could attend a mtg at the Door following retreat so we could have planned
  • No improvement needed
  • More sharing from families
  • PPT slides hard to read X4
  • Recorder for missed hockey games
  • Everything was great; Good job-love it!
  • Maybe a gratitude circle
  • Duration could be longer
  • Maybe send out material in advance to parents

Additional comments (elaborate on the above scale)?

  • Duration was perfect
  • I liked learning about family systems to help improve
  • Tabs in the binders; Page numbering;Slides too small in binder
  • All siblings group
  • 9am start time
  • Review binders before sessions
  • A good selection of parents with addicts at different levels made this a success
  • Facilitator involvement in group work
  • A lot of thought and effort has gone into making this valuable.
  • Could be more practical=figuring out problems together, what boundaries are important
  • Top notch food
  • Humble facilitators
  • The facility, the setting the food are all terrific but without the diverse group of facilitators it would not be as good
  • Sometimes challenging to keep focused when there is a talker in the group
  • Facilitators were excellent; Linda did an awesome job
  • Personal stories added to the material
  • Fabulous food, facility and setting’ made work easier
  • The Sunday afternoon group work was solid
  • Keystone setting is magical
  • Content was full; much review needed
  • Everything was great; life changing experience
  • Feel optimistic and supported because of weekend
  • Beyond my expectations
  • Very Clean comfortable setting; Adventurous outdoor experience – I loved it!
  • Group work hard but amazing
  • Presentation was excellent
  • Terrific
  • A lot of information to absorb
  • Would like another retreat like this
  • This has been a tremendous opportunity to experience recovery-legs and wings to take off
  • Top ups yearly
  • Life changing experience

Is there any other material you would like to see cover ed in future retreats?

  • Suggested reading before coming ; The Parallel Process” and “The Heroic Parent”
  • Might like more info on Naranon and the steps however, knowing it is available in many communities and that we always welcome may be sufficient
  • Maybe a bit more info what to do when they come home; relapse is our biggest fear
  • A brief appointment with facilitators
  • Boundaries and forgiving ourselves
  • Sibling involvement in retreats
  • A “progress” retreat to reconnect
  • Very comprehensive; a lot to digest=perfect balance
  • More material available for purchase during the retreat eg books, videos
  • Maybe some relaxing exercises to calm us
  • Role Playing
  • How to better communicate with sons outside treatment
  • Nothing at this time
  • Good idea having parents with more recovery under the belts
  • Some meditation program

Is there anything further that we can do to help?

  • Update schedule s we know what is happening, however, The weekend exceeded my expectations
  • We were made to feel safe & secure and know you will always be there for us
  • Keep up the good work!
  • Like it that you are still available to us
  • I find the distance difficult but appreciate the newsletters
  • I always know you guys will be there if/when I need you
  • Just keep doing what you are doing
  • A reunion weekend
  • I think more material would be overload
  • You have given me many tools
  • Get sectional sofas for more seating
  • The service to our youth has been incredible
  • Keep doing what you are dong
  • Annual follow up

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