David’s Talk, Early Recovery

David's Talk

David’s Talk

a series of real talks on addiction treatment and recovery

Early Recovery

Talk #2

David is the former ED and Founder of Last Door Recovery Society with over 35 years of addiction treatment experience,  David recently celebrated 36 years in recovery, hear his series of talks on addictDDddion treatment and recovery.

Addiction, the early days in recovery.

Early addiction recovery comes from different perspectives because it’s personal. Early recovery as a person in recovery, early recovery as a parent in recovery. Early recovery in the sense of my kids, early recovery

David being in recovery himself and having daughters in addiction, had to take care of himself. David remembers when his daughter said to him, I’m 30 days clean. He didn’t believe her. He had been under so much pressure for so long that he realized he couldn’t be the only one there to support her in her recovery journey. David realized that he had to get well from his addiction first.

Influences in early recovery go a long way, somebody made time for David and put energy into him. He realized that there were similarities, there were other people in the program whose kids had gone through addiction. When they ever they shared, David listened. And when David needed help, he talked to them.

David was nervous, he didn’t want to do or say anything that would get his kid to relapse.

People who use drugs can be counseled, beaten, threatened, prayed over, but if somebody doesn’t want to stop using drugs, they are not going to stop. They will not change either.

Getting a support group in early recovery from addiction

It’s best not to tell you mom you feel like using all the time. Why have your mother all concerned? She’s not going to sleep. We recommend you find a support group, who can handle your feelings and triggers. People in recovery can be your allies.  David talks about him and his daughters in early recovery, where no matter what David did, it seemed to make everything worse. Time was being robbed.  He needed a support group to get through those days.

“Addiction made nothing matter anymore, I was being robbed”

Addiction Recovery is about success

The solution, sharing the success. In recovery as a person in recovery, we share our success not just at cakes, but a day by day thing. We share our experiences and we have that common ground. But when you have an addict in your life, again, we have those experiences that it makes them more valuable when we can share them. And that’s going to create that movement in their life and in the family.

Recovery isn’t about just hanging on, Want to come? Hang on. Recovery makes life interesting and brings a little bit more than that.

Recovery Skills and Tools of Recovery for addiction

Drug Treatment can bring some life changes. Its advise that people in early recovery who start working in the drug treatment industry not make work their recovery, Recovery can’t be work.  Bringing your life up for review with you recovery support group gives you a better chance at long term sustainable recovery.

David P celebrated 36 years clean this year, is the founder of Last Door Recovery Society, an addiction treatment centre for youth, adults and families. Thousands have healed from the harms of addiction over 3 decades.

David’s Talks are produced by Last Door Production, stay tuned for more in these series of talks.

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