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This Thursday on Talk Recovery Radio we talk with William, who owns the book store Shelf Life Books and has been affected by a Consumption Site opening next door. He shares his experience with the struggles him and his family have been dealing with since the opening of the site. Noon to 1 pm, on 100.5 fm radio, or facebook live.

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Struggling being open next to Consumption site

talk recovery radio addiction treatmentWilliam is a manager at “Shelf Life Books” where in the same neighbourhood Sheldon M. Chumir Health Centre opened up a safe injection site where illegal drugs can be consumed by local residents.

Shelf Life Books and other community members have seen a spike in crime in the area since the injection site has opened up. William understands the need for the safe-injection site and isn’t casting judgment on Safeworks clients.

Guest 2

Recovery Inspired Business

Brad Pangman is the Founder of Suspect Apparel™; an online e-commerce business based out of Vancouver, BC. Canada. He was born and raised in the Centennial neighbourhood of Winnipeg, Manitoba. At the time, the area was mainly public housing for the lower class community overpowered by gangs and high crime. Yet, his alcoholic household did what they could to provide for him. From a very young age, he was exposed day-in and day-out to a traumatic lifestyle, which he later learned was not normal for the world around him. Against all odds, he found a way out but the trauma followed him.

Brad had moved through numerous cities across western Canada excelling in a leadership position within his former employer. As success was evident, he was still burdened by 30 years of life he tried to hide within. It was September 2017, the 90 days of primary treatment followed by 7 months in a sober house that changed his life forever. He surrendered and found hope that he thought was not possible. Highly motivated from this new life in recovery, he wanted to provide a fashionable means of inspiration to others around him – Suspect Apparel™ was born.

From a hobby to now a small business, his recovery influenced brand has shipped products to 8 Canadian Provinces, 29 American States, and 9 countries worldwide. Working with the momentum he is determined to continue growing Suspect Apparel™. You can view his store at Active Instagram page: @suspect.apparel and he can be reached directly at:

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