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Talk Recovery Radio airs every Thursday on 100.5 fm in Vancouver from 12 pm to 1 pm, hundreds of shows over 6 years.  Bringing addiction recovery issues to the airways. Powered by Last Door Recovery Society

How laughter can help people recovery from addiction.

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Guests comedians Richard Lett and Mark Hughes

Sober But Never Clean — this week #comedy #addiction #recovery  Join us for some serious talk and not so serious…  as we talk to comedians Richard Lett and Mark Hughes

Addiction Treatment needs a addiction physician, medication and 12 step mutual support groups, but it also needs comedy and addiction recovery.  Hear this show how comedy heals addiction issues.  Richard Lett has a history of substance misuse, and it nearly made him loose his career.  After finding addiction recovery, Richard was able to return to the stage and be a comedian. Mark has a similar story, and both share their lived experience with Vancouver Addiction Treatment.

Now both help others recovery from addiction with their stories, jokes and laughter.

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Talk Recovery airs live every Thursday at noon on 100.5 FM, Vancouver Coop Radio.   Last Door produces a weekly radio show having having conversations about the many pathways to addiction recovery.  To end stigma we must continue to talk about recovery.  Each week addiction recovery experts from around the world join us for an hour.   Talk Recovery is in its 6th Season, thank you to all our weekly listeners and guests.  Show ideas? email

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