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Guest 1: Codependency expert Darlene Lancer speaks on recovery from codependency and her book.

Meet Darlene: 

I bring a wide range of professional and life experience to my practice as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and relationship and codependency expert. I wrote Codependency for Dummies and Conquering Shame and Codependency: 8 Steps to Freeing the True You. Over the course of 30 years, I’ve helped men and women recover from codependency and trauma. Recovery involves reconnecting to, honoring, and expressing our “Self,” meaning your true, real self that likely has been hidden. You begin to align your behavior and life in integrity with your Self, strengthening your soul. In the process, you gain autonomy, become a more effective communicator and experience greater self-compassion and satisfaction in your relationships, work, and personal life. Change requires awareness, courage, and action. You will gain insight and be supported to take productive risks as you’re ready to do so. Couples learn to resolve problems, improve communication, and build trust and greater intimacy. I’ve had the opportunity to see many marry and others find strength and direction during the stress of divorce. While a Senior Mediator in Los Angeles Superior Court, I mediated divorce and custody and visitation disputes and did premarital and domestic violence counseling. My ability as an emotional intuitive enables me to quickly identify the source of your problems and interpret your dreams. My work is informed by training in Self-Psychology, Voice-Dialogue, Dream Analysis, Jungian Therapy, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Somatic Work, EFT, and Hypnosis. I am familiar with 12-Step Programs.


Author of “Conquering Shame and Codependency: 8 Steps to Freeing the True You”

About the Book: 

Shame, and doubting one’s worth can be debilitating. Unemployment and isolation as a result of the pandemic can fuel these negative feelings. Darlene Lancer’s book offers help for this particularly hard time. Learn how to heal from the destructive hold of shame and codependency by implementing eight steps that will empower the real you and lead to healthier relationships. Shame: the torment you feel when you’re exposed, humiliated, or rejected; the feeling of not being good enough. It’s a deeply painful and universal emotion, yet is not frequently discussed. For some, shame lurks in the unconscious, undermining self-esteem, destroying confidence, and leading to codependency. These codependent relationships–where we overlook our own needs and desires as we try to care for, protect, or please another–often cover up abuse, addiction, or other harmful behaviors. Shame and codependency feed off one another, making us feel stuck, never able to let go, move on, and become the true self we were meant to be. In Conquering Shame and Codependency, Darlene Lancer sheds new light on shame: how codependents’ feelings and beliefs about shame affect their identity, their behavior, and how shame can corrode relationships, destroying trust and love. She then provides eight steps to heal from shame, learn to love yourself, and develop healthy relationships.

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Guest 2: Street Saviours Outreach Society shares about their mission to help drug users in the Downtown Eastside.

Street Saviours Outreach Society works on the front lines of the fentanyl epidemic providing both outreach and emergency medical services in the Vancouver DTES.

We offer in-person support services as well as telephone, text and Facebook messenger. All services are provided in a safe confidential manner.

Street Saviours believe that all lives deserve respect and dignity. We offer residents of the DTES, and their support systems, encouragement, referrals and information on treatment and recovery support with addiction and homelessness.

Our evening on-foot volunteer teams provide in-person outreach and basic emergency first aid services. We also provide clothing and healthy snacks.

Our organization is funded by the Canadian Red Cross Association as well as corporate and individual donations. Should you wish to donate we will gladly accept donations via etransfer or direct deposits from financial institutions. To make a donation requiring a receipt please contact our office at 604-568-1077 or email us at We do not have charitable status at this time. Corporations and individuals will be issued an official donation receipt at your request.

The residents of the DTES currently as asking for the following items:

  • clean warm jackets
  • blankets
  • hotel toiletries
  • seasonal sealed candy (Halloween candy etc)
  • hand sanitizer (any quantity)
  • hand warmers
  • foot warmers
  • antibacterial wipes
  • sealed water bottles
  • face masks
  • gloves
  • winter gear.
  • sealed prepared foods that DO NOT REQUIRE USE OF KITCHEN TOOLS (granola bars, sealed seasonal candy packages, juice boxes etc.)
  • sealed first aid supplies
  • sealed emergency blankets
  • new socks

Our contactless donation drop off locations are near Commercial Drive in East Vancouver. Please call us at 604-568-1077 to request drop off address. We currently provide in-person services Monday, Wednesday and Fridays evenings with the addition to Monday to Friday services the third week of every month. To volunteer with Street Saviours Outreach Society please send us a message via Facebook and our Human Resources Coordinator will provide next steps in the application process. We would love for you to like and share our page to spread the word!

Visit their Facebook Page here!


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