Building Recovery Capital in Canada


Recovery Capital Conference of Canada 2019


Recovery Capital is a focus on the development of social capital (such as healthy and stable relationships), material capital (such as finances and accommodation), human capital (mental and physical health, skills, and employment) and cultural
capital (values, beliefs, and attitudes) Let’s build recovery capital in individuals, workplaces and communities to overcome addiction and mental health issues.

Help build Recovery Capital in Canada while encouraging prevention, reducing stigma, and developing communal connection to combat Canada’s addiction crisis. With record crowds (20,000+) participating in Recovery Week BC 2018, the organizing committee is expanding on the enthusiastic momentum to host Recovery Weeks in British Columbia, Alberta,
Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, all in the month of September 2019.

Over 4,000 Canadian died from overdoses in 2017, not including alcohol. The cost to families is immense, and the cost to the Canadian economy is in the billions. It makes logical business sense to invest in recovery. For every $1 spent on recovery, the Canadian economy $7 in addiction related health care costs.

Our goal is to change the narrative in Canada, to include Recovery Capital when treating addiction

Building Recovery Capital Canada Events

Events take place throughout 2019 over a one year period in Western Canada. Last Door’s Community Development Team specializes in social media reach, a proven track record can predicate significant a viral online reach to help Canadians understand what Recovery Capital is and how to build it in communities and workplaces across Canada.
Healthcare professionals, people in recovery, substance users, the general public, unions, occupational health leaders and families will be affected by this campaign.

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