Brandon Novak’s Story of Addiction Recovery

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This Thursday Live on Talk Recovery Radio we interview Brandon Novak.

Brandon Novak’s Story of Addiction Recovery

Professional Skater Boarder, Addiction, Homelessness, Reality Show, Author, Incarcerated, and now in Recovery, hear his story.

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Brandon rose to fame at a young age as a professional skateboarder with the renowned Powell-Peralta team. Discovered by Tony Hawk, he was the first pro skater to ever be endorsed by Gatorade, starring in commercials alongside Michael Jordan at just 15 years old. He travelled the world with Bucky Lasek and Bam Margera, and later went on to star in the hit MTV Shows Viva La Bam and Bam’s Unholy Union. As part of the infamous Jackass crew, Brandon appeared in the motion series box office hits with the mischievous pranksters and was catapulted to super stardom. It seemed he had it all.

Brandon’s story, however, took a dark turn, leading him to the depths of despair as a result of an addiction to heroin. Once a multi-millionaire, Brandon lost everything, eventually finding himself homeless on the streets of Baltimore. He was deemed unfixable and even his mother lost hope; she had purchased a cemetery plot for Brandon, as she was sure he would die.

Now with more than three years sober, Brandon has risen from the ashes and become a living example that recovery is possible. He has authored the New York Times bestselling memoir Dreamselleras well as the first-ever addiction graphic novel The Brandon Novak Chronicles.  These days Brandon travels the country speaking to government officials, community residents, at risk youth, and prisoners. His message is simple: “If I can recover, so can you. The disease of addiction is not a death sentence. Your history does not have dictate your future, and as long as you’re breathing it’s never too late.”



Brandon recently released the first-ever addiction graphic novel, The Brandon Novak Chronicles as a follow-up to his New York Times bestselling memoir Dreamseller. He is slated to release a third book in the coming year. Brandon continues to travel the country, speaking with at risk populations regarding the dangers associated with drug addiction, and recovery resources that are available to those who are struggling.  He is employed by Banyan Treatment Center as a Community Outreach Coordinator, and has helped launch the Roots to Recovery Scholarship program, which brings addiction treatment to those who can’t afford it at absolutely no cost.  Additionally, Brandon is working with Banyan Treatment Center on the launch of their newest campaign, #BeTheLight. The new initiative is set to launch in the coming months, and encourages social media users to open a dialogue about addiction and mental health, in order to help break the stigma that surrounds these conditions today and raise awareness of the resources that are available to those who are struggling.

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