Beyond Hello and a Mother and Son Addiction Story

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Guest 1

Author Kristi Blakeway

addiction recovery storiesBeyond Hello: Rekindling the Human Spirit One Conversation at a Time. Every one of us has a story worth hearing. In 2009, Kristi Blakeway invited her students to give back to the homeless in Canada’s poorest neighborhood—Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Kristi was a teacher and school counselor, before she became a principal. She was initially working in the Coquitlam School District. Just like many other service agencies, her students wanted to help and give back. They really wanted to contribute to helping on the Downtown Eastside. Rather than handing out food and clothing, Blakeway and her students invited the homeless to tell their stories. What was meant to be a one-day act of giving spiraled into a decade-long labor of love. Beyond HELLO is a compilation of stories from the streets blended with wisdom gained from those who have lost it all. Blakeway weaves life stories of the homeless community with her personal and unexpected journey into forgiveness. She encourages us all to go Beyond HELLO, to see those who are often invisible, to connect with compassion, and to rekindle the human spirit one conversation at a time. With each book sold, a donation will be made to A Better Life Foundation to buy a meal for someone living on the streets. Kristi’s commitment to listen to people as they share their stories about who they are, where they come from and who they want to be touches upon the humanity of those who have been forgotten.” Selina Robinson BC Minister of Housing Isolation is the single biggest cause of addiction and instability. By connecting with those in need, we deepen our understanding of the issues, create space for healing, and open our hearts to the solutions. I hope that everyone can see themselves through Kristi’s example and help to create better lives for all of us.

Guest 2

A Mother’s Story

Kathy joins Talk Recovery to share her 21 year old son’s story of addiction, recovery, and his passing.  What does she do now to cope?

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