Alumni of the Month Scott G

Alumni of the Month

Hi! My name is Scott and I am a recovering addict.

My story starts in a suburb in the West Side of Vancouver. Picture perfect family of 4 living the Canadian dream. As I grew up it became more and more apparent that I would have some troubles later in life. I found myself on prescription ADHD medication at 8, smoking pot by 12, psychedelics at 15, and heroin by 17.

As you could probably tell things escalated quite quickly. It started out as a monthly treat, turned to weekly, and eventually a daily ritual. I always justified my use as long as I’m not an addict, I can continue using. I did not plan as far as when I became addicted. Unlike most 19 year olds either working jobs or towards a degree, I was trying to fight the grips of the worlds most dangerous drug. I tried day on day off regiments, only smoking cannabis, and even hitch hiking across the country only to relapse in every major city.

After dropping a needle in front of a room full of family members celebrating the holidays and forcing my 16 year old cousin to cover up for me by claiming it was her diabetic friend’s insulin needle, my mom and beloved uncle decided it was time for change.

An intervention was staged shortly after returning to the West Coast and I was coaxed into going to the Last Door. The next morning I convinced the staff that I wasn’t an addict with such gems as I have 8 weeks clean, its not a relapse if you only inject prescriptions, and I have a large vocabulary so I’m right.

A client was appointed to me to help me get through the first bit of treatment, I have eternal gratitude for that fellow who set aside time to chat and a few bucks to buy a coffee.. that saved my life.

Treatment was the most fun I’ve had in my life. I made life long friends, discovered my passion for Jiu Jitsu, and repaired relationships with my family. A condensed list of a thousand blessings I have received. Whether it was writing step work in my room or making immature jokes in the main house each and every moment strengthened my belief in a new and clean life and myself. I cannot believe how great my life is today. With a little bit of elbow grease I hope to have become a living piece of evidence the program works.

Not just to get clean but to get happy. I have a great job, a car, my own place, and a bank account with zeros before the decimal point. But more importantly I have friends, family, and the ability to pay forward what was so freely given to me. Through continually investing in new comers and recovering addicts who still suffer. Thank you so much to all the staff and clients at the Last Door for giving my family and I my life back.

You guys were right, drugs suck and life rules!

Door Boy

Scott G, clean date – January 10th 2015

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