Alumni of the Month Kyle F

Alumni of the Month

As a kid I had all the advantages you could imagine; great parents, great life and great opportunities. As I moved into my teens and early twenties however I wasn’t a great success, but my life was manageable. At the age of 24 I went for a year trip to Australia and from that point on my partying became completely out of control. I continually treated my family horribly and I constantly stole, cheated and lied to them. I always remember the day when I woke up and I knew that I could not go on like this any longer! My life had completely spiraled out of control and I knew that it was time to make a major change!

I heard about Last Door from a friend of the family. He had been there for a few months and things seemed to be going very well for him! So the morning of December 27, 2010 I checked into the Last Door Recovery Centre. At the Door I learned about myself and how to become a responsible adult; especially from my counselor Darren Galer. I came into the house with incredibly low self esteem and hating myself, I was very self centered and really didn’t care about anyone but myself! Through many groups and through working the written exercises Last Door provides, everything in my life seemed to suddenly change for me!

I began loving myself more and more and really started to become more open and honest! I gained many long lasting friendships especially with Colin R, Bob C, Mark B, and Mitchell H, they really helped me in my journey. I am so grateful for every moment I spent here and continue to spend as an Alumni giving back to the new guys!

What Last Door has taught me today is that I have made recovery a big part of my life. Today I try to live by spiritual principals and take a constant inventory of myself. I’m not perfect I’m only human I still have struggles in my life, but when times do get tough I know to go back to my basics! For the first time in my life I’m actually paying my own rent and my own bills and am no longer taking from my parents anymore! It must mean that I’m finally growing up and taking responsibility for my life. When it comes to my parents, my relationship with them is so much better!

Today I’m making things about them instead of only thinking about myself! One of the best parts about my life today is creating a relationship with my sister who for most of my life I ignored and alienated. As a result of this new relationship with my sister I now am spending a lot of time with my nephews. Declan and Connor whom I love both to death! Through working the steps in my life and the help of the Last door especially Darren for being my counselor, Danny and Jared for being great group leaders, Louise with helping me with relationships and Dave P for the “heart to heart” conversations in the office. I’m eternally grateful.  Higher power.

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