Alumni of The Month Ryan C

Alumni of the Month

Hi my name is Ryan I’m an addict

I grew up in Winnipeg in a single parent home, my father was a small business owner and he and my mother separated when I was 4 years old.   I started drinking alcohol when I was 12 years old and eventually I got into hard drugs by the time I was 15.

I spent time in and out of youth jail and eventually adult jail, a total of 4 years was spent in the justice system due to me using drugs and living a life of crime to support my life style.  After my last prison sentence my son Riley was born and I had made promises and commitments to Riley’s mother that I was going to get a job, stay clean and be a good father.   Well I broke my promises, moved out of the half-way house on full parole and eventually started using and missing work and destroying my life all over again.

I was given the choice to go to jail or to treatment, somehow I made it to Last Door and the counsellor Blair May was the first person I spoke to about recovery.   My recovery started and when I got to listen to Dave and the others counsellors in group ….. I was inspired.  I started to write my last 90 days of using, my letter to myself and the step 1.  I finished all 12 steps and during that time while making so many friends and so many memories.

My first visit with Riley was while I was in treatment,  I wouldn’t be a part of Riley’s life today if it wasn’t for  the support  from the Door’s Family Program and the other clients and alumni who supported me.  I never thought I would have any visitation with Riley, I cried the entire day of Riley’s first visit… we made it through those first couple of months .. and with the help of Last Door’s Co-Parenting Group, I learned how to be a father and respectful of Riley’s Mom.  Today I am in Riley’s life as a role model.

Today my life is great! In July  I will be writing my exam for RED SEAL Electrician…. I have a good job that I have had for 3 years…. I don’t struggle with staying clean today, I’m so proud to be part of the Last Door Alumni Group… I visit pretty much once a week to hang out with the new guys and let the staff  know that I’m doing good today, and when I can … Riley visits with me.

Thanks for my life Last Door,

Ryan C
Clean Date – October 24th, 2008

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