Alumni of the Month Adam H

Alumni of the Month

I grew up in Vancouver in a nice home with a large family with lots of love, I stated using alcohol when I was 13 years old, by the time I was 19 I started to get into hard drugs and quickly my life became unmanageable.  By the time I turned 30 — I tried treatment but it didn’t work, and I ended up homeless and in and out of recovery houses for over 7 years.

My whole life consisted of emptiness and loneliness, this disease eventually took over everything.  I hadn’t spoken to my family in almost 7 years and I was the guy panhandling on the streets.  At the age of 35, while panhandling at a 7 eleven, someone I had used with who was now 8 months clean suggested I go to Last Door to change my life.  Impressed by my buddies change it motivated be to consider going but it took me at least a year to get the courage to call Last Door.

In March of  2010 I arrived at Last Door where I spent 10 months there in their extended long term care and transitional living program.  I was completely reprogrammed, while at Last Door I learned how to live for the very first time… I completed the written exercises Last Door provides, I reunited with my family and made amends, I also made lifelong friends who I have shared my journey with.

Today I’ve successfully finished the A to Z Personal Training Program at Douglas College; I am finally following my dreams to become a professional personal trainer.  I truly never could have imagined life could be this good.

Today I spend as much time as possible at Last Door taking advantage of their Continuing Care Program as a Proud Alumni giving back to the new guys, letting them know anyone can lose the desire to use and change regardless of how bad it was.

Thank you Last Door for teaching me that giving is more important than taking.

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