Alumni of the Month Lawrence

Alumni of the Month

Hello my name is Lawrence and I went through the Last Door in 2013 and have been clean ever since…

I was in and out of jail committing crime to stay loaded, almost dying multiple times. Was on the streets at times and hardly slept most nights. Could barely recognize myself and who I became, I did not live with the morals my family instilled in me. I hurt anybody that stood in the way of my next fix. I did not like who I had became and when ever I sobered up enough to feel shame and guilt for the things that I had done, I was overcome with those feelings. I suffered in active addiction for about 13 years and things gradually got worse and worse.

As soon as I stepped foot in the main house of Last Door I felt this positive energy coming from the other clients and staff, everybody was very welcoming. An alumni brought me to the store for a pizza after group, I was kinda tricked into staying at the house but I am grateful that it happened… I was kept pretty accountable. At first it was like read some literature; find a sponsor, do some step work, do your choir, go to group, go to a meeting, go to another meeting, hook in, go bowling, go to a CFL game, come to a Canucks game, sober dance, stack some chairs, be nice to people, movie in the park, movies at the theater, go to the gym..  Always something going on that was positive and a key part of me learning how to have fun while learning how to stay clean… Then after I got less crazy and had some steps done I started helping the next guy and started sponsoring guys myself, and learned how to give back … I probably had the most fun I had in a long time or even ever and I got to stay clean doing it.

I just took 3 years clean at the first meeting I went to in New Westminster, which is a win in itself. I have a good job; a nice place, good friends, and a good relationship with my family. I am an accountable employee that shows up on time and gets the job done.. I still go to meetings and do everything I was taught at the door, and my life is pretty amazing. I still visit the door regularly and go to group when I can and they are still very helpful. I also go there to show the next guy that it works and to bring them out for a coffee or pizza.. The last door is like my home away from home, and I feel very privileged and lucky to be apart of it.

Lawrence, Clean Date

July 20 2013

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