Alumni of the Month Josh F

Alumni of the Month

I was 25 years old living in full addiction in Prince George and unable to get one day clean.  My life was hopeless and I was having seizures regularly due to my excessive drug use.  One day I asked my mom for help and she brought me to the Last Door for a final last chance to get clean.

The most scariest experience was coming here, the feelings in the car were enough to make me sick.  As well once I got here I was told i couldn’t smoke, which made it everything even worse.

I had my last cigarette and came onto the property, instantly I felt the brotherhood I now understand is what makes the Last Door so successful.  Everyone looks out for the new guy.

I was welcomed by everyone and built friendships like I never had.  Although my journey was difficult for the first few months, I stuck it through and learned a new way of life.

I got my family back, I made amends, and after a while a became that productive member of society people talked about.  Today I go to meetings, I participate in Alumni Group and I bring the new guy out for coffee and share my experiences with to make his stay just a little more comfortable.

Recovery Date February 18 1998

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