Alumni of the Month Jared R

Alumni of the Month

My life before I cleaned up was far from reality. I was a guy who talked about what and where I wanted to be, although I was never willing to put in the work to follow my dreams. I was that guy looking for the easy way out.

addiction recoveyr rehab success storyI had built a solid career and some great relationships over the years while having some success. As my using progressed everything else was affected in a negative way even though I was the last to admit it. I started taking people and life for granted. I lost respect for others and most importantly myself. I started stealing to support my addiction and before long I was lost and in some serious legal trouble. I had let all the people I really cared about down and lost their trust.

I came across the Last Door. At first I struggled with the Program and couldn’t wait for the time to pass. But through applying myself and doing the work suggested I quickly found myself engaged in the people and the Program. I became inspired and wanted to inspire others. I never thought my life was going to change the way it did. I was just looking for some days without using back to back and I thought that would be enough for me. I didn’t expect to get a life and make some great friends at the same time. My last month in treatment I started a coarse at Douglas College. Four months went by real fast and by the end I almost wanted to stay forever.

Myself and 3 other guys from treatment who I consider to be some of my best friends moved into a house together. It has been a very interesting year and a half to say the least, but overall my life has been steadily getting better. I can say I’m proud to be clean, and proud of what I have accomplished in that time. I have really enjoyed being able to be apart of the Last Door as an Alumni over the last year. I have so much gratitude for them and the support they give me. I really enjoy being able to come back and teach Martial Arts with guys in the house. Putting in the work and doing the things suggested.

I’m currently living my dream – I recently had a Fight where I was able to have my family, friends and some Door Boys come out and support me. The most gratifying thing since I’ve cleaned up is for my family to to say they are proud of me and I’m representing the family name well.

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