Alumni of the Month Aaron S

Alumni of the Month

I was working as a Pipe Fitter in Penticton when I asked one of my co-workers how he got clean?   My addiction had progressed severely after I got into a work related accident which led me to prescription drug abuse.  I self medicated myself making me slide deeper and deeper into addiction.  My co-worker Wes told me about the Last Door where he had gone.  I was so nervous and scared to actually make any changes in my life, fearing the unknown. At the time my girlfriend was in addiction as well and she also decided to seek treatment and we would try and attempt to both get clean.

I arrived at the front steps of the Last Door with a black eye, a devastated family, a toxic relationship with my girlfriend and I was desperate for relief. I was greeted with open arms as the “new guy” when I walked into the main house. I started making friends right away however the first few weeks were a struggle and I almost left. Looking back now I can say it was the best decision I have ever made to finally say no to my addiction and yes to my recovery.

It took me Six months of living at the Last Door where I completed the set of Steps that would rebuild and heal my relationship with my Girlfriend and family. The Door helped me find the man I was meant to be.

Today I live in Penticton, I still work as a Pipe Fitter, I’m an active member of my recovery community and I’m grateful that I’m still with my girlfriend Carrie who is still clean.  I’m in contact with  the friends I made during my early days at the Last Door who are  still clean today and part of my recovery.  I feel strongly that everything Carrie and I have today is because we took the suggestions that were given to us – We owe our new lives to the people that make up the Last Door. Thank you!

Clean Date July 23 2007

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