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Gambling addiction treatment, all bets are off.

Arnie Wexler is the Author of The Book “All Bets are Off”. In 1968 Arnie was a Plant Manager supervising 400 people and he was stealing to support his gambling addiction everyday. Arnie went to the deepest ends to support his gambling addiction from stealing, selling his car and many other different things to support his addiction.

Then Arnie was told about a 12-step program which Arnie was not interested in at all. Arnie’s process of getting well did not happen immediately it was a couple months of gambling and when he stopped gambling he owed three years of his annual salary.  Gambling addiction is a lot easier to hide than a drug addiction, there is no rack marks, no dilated pupils and there is no smell, gambling addiction is centred around the brain and it is mentally straining.

Gambling is a lot more accessible today, people these days can get lines of credit and take out loans. Also, gambling is available online and extremely easily assessable.

Compulsive gambling is when gambling becomes more important than anything else in your life, partners, relationships, children, eating, compulsive gambling controls your life and eventually your gambling controls you. When Arnie was in his active gambling addiction everything was centred around gambling, sports gambling, poker, dice games any kind of gambling that would suit his needs.

All Bets are Off

Arnie’s book about Gambling addiction “All Bets are Off” is about experiences from Arnie’s 47 years of recovery from gambling addiction. There are also stories from Arnie’s wife of experiences with a family member that has a gambling addiction. When people who are in gambling addiction stop gambling they can experience having dreams that they gambled and wake up in the middle of the night and thinking they gambled.

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