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Addiction Treatment Crisis Revealed as Report Released

We have an addiction treatment crisis in Canada.

Yesterday the BCCSU released a report on Recovery in BC, and messages outlining mistreatment by some in the current health care system are flooding social media as a result – there are hundreds if not thousands of people experiencing harm, victimizing substance users even more.

Here are some of the stories:

“I agree my experiences are current and I personally know people who have tried to start a taper and are told no. In addition, if a taper is started very it’s very small increments which could take years to finally be off methadone altogether. Other experiences are some people have prescribed such a high prescription that they can’t stay alert and speech is very slurred. When suggested to speak with the doctor about the dosage the doctor refuses the patients request. I Del it’s helpful for the short term but damaging to a person who is prescribed Lon term.”

“I seen cheques for 5 gs a week on Doctors prescription per Dr st VNH discuss me o mo harm they say “
“We have clients return reg saying that if their goal is to get on the come off in say 6 months that they won’t even see them as patients…one was told to literally go find another Dr!….insane the doctors know that a client walking in their office new in recovery that they r desperate so the client agrees with what the doctor says so they can get their medication and not get sick….seems sooo wrong “
“Good read buddy!!! I had the same thing with my doctor … did 12 days with suboxone dr wanted me to stay on, I said F$%K that, I want off and it’s 21 months clean….. !!!
“my experience with my methadone doctor was the same. When I told him I want to come off he said, “you can’t. You will definitely relapse. You should be going up on your dose if anything.” I replied, “F*&K that, I’m not asking permission and you are gonna help me.”
A video of personal stories of people fighting to stay alive.

Abstinence Based Treatment is recognized TODAY as Evidence-Based Treatment by the BCCSU. At today’s “Report Release Event” we want to note that missing were high-level decision-makers from the health authorities.

Report: Strategies to Strengthen Recovery in British Columbia: The Path Forward

Developed by the BC Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU) in consultation with people in recovery and with expertise in providing recovery care, the report highlights the stigma that persons in recovery often face, including the misconception that effective treatment and recovery are not realistic options, and recommends that recovery be better recognized and supported for all those who enter the system of addiction care.

For every dollar spent on recovery, taxpayers save $12 in health care addiction costs.
This report provides a blueprint for building effective recovery plans.
The issues with recovery are, Stigma, Politics, Addiction isn’t an attractive place to spend taxpayers dollars, lack of training
The report also speaks of novel ideas such as Recovery High Schools, Recovery Programs in Collegiate Schools, Funding for Family Programs.

This past year over 4,000 Canadians died from overdoses, each day in BC an average of 6 people die from overdoses, nothing is more important than talking about the solution to this crisis. We must be present for all discussions pertaining to how we can overcome addiction as a society — from prescription heroin to new consumption sites, they must also hear and be present during talks of Recovery Strategies.

The absence of health authorities at today’s release of this historic Recovery Document and the lived experience stories you will hear in the following video from the Vancouver Sun is why we need a recovery movement and why today’s report “The Path Forward” Strategies to Strengthen Recovery in British Columbia” is needed.

Watch the video and attend #RecoveryWeekBC this September featuring Recovery Day BC – overcoming mental illness & addiction and the Recovery Capital Conference of Canada let’s end silo health care thinking, everyone deserves harm reduction and everyone deserves abstinence-based treatment.

Let’s recover from addiction. #WeCan

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