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Talk Recovery Radio with David P,  founder of Last Door Recovery Society, Canada’s premier addiction treatment centre.  This Show talks about David’s 36 years of addiction recovery.

David Pavlus celebrates 36 years of addiction freedom

David Pavlus addiction recovery

Founder of Last Door Recovery Society David Pavlus celebrates 36 years of addiction recovery, he is taking his 36 year cake on Thursday, he joined the Talk Recovery Radio Show to talk about addiction Treatment and addiction recovery.

David says it’s more than just no booze, no drugs. It’s not living in addiction. He could stop using for different periods of time for different reasons. And again, he would be faced with all the reasons that he was drinking and using the way he did. Understanding what addiction was, was the biggest part of starting his recovery from addiction journey.
Stopping using was not going to get him through to the changes he needed to make in his life to overcome his addiction.

Connection is Key to addiction recovery

The best thing David did was connect with people that were serious about addiction recovery.

In 1983 David lived in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, his homegroup was at the Carnegie Center. He had people that he followed around and got involved in recovery. David explains what it was like in the DTES 36 years ago compared to now.

For David at the beginning of his addiction recovery journey, he was finally happy, and he hadn’t been happy in a long time. Before he knew it, he stopped using and feeling miserable and crazy.

He was feeling better day by day, but still felt like using drugs and alcohol, he thought about it a lot and he learned to talk about it. Slowly but surely, the obsession to use went away. The desire was like I had more desire to be clean. I got involved. Right. And when I didn’t get involved, that desire didn’t go away.

Last Door Addiction Treatment History

David has made it through 36 years of addiction recovery, and being the Executive Director of Last Door for 35 years by watching people get their families first visit with their kids. Being part of the forgiving, practicing principles, participating and being a part of a pretty incredible community, gratitude. David says he doesn’t really get to feel a lot of compassion fatigue.

David Pavlus talks about his transitional and succession planning, his support of Jared Nilsson has Last Door’s Executive Director and what the future holds for Last Door Recovery Society, one of Canada’s leading addiction treatment centres for you and adults.

Personal Story of Addiction Recovery

Watch David Pavlus addiction recovery story.


What’s it like to be 36 years in recovery ? Last Door Recovery Society founder Dave P talks #recovery, #addiction, #cancer and #hope. Talk Recovery Radio is powered by #NewWestRecovery and airs every Thursday from noon to 1 pm.

Posted by Talk Recovery on Thursday, 7 November 2019


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