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Guest 1: James Brown Author of “Apology to the Young Addict: A Memoir”

Opening with the tragic tale of an elderly couple consumed by opioid addiction and moving through the horrors of a Las Vegas massacre to the loss of a beloved sponsor, these essays draw on Brown’s personal journey to illustrate how an individual life, in all its messiness and charm, can offer a blueprint for healing. From writing about finding a new path in life while raising three sons, to making peace with the family whose ghosts have haunted him, and helping the next generation of addicts overcome their disease, this haunting and hopeful book is a reinvention of the recovery story and a lasting testimony from the master of the modern memoir.


Guest 2: Curt Eichelberger Founder of Skate Straight Dallas Texas 

Curt Eichelberger is the founder of Skate Straight Dallas. Skate straight is an organization where it allows people in recovery to connect and meet up and skateboard with others in recovery in Dallas Texas. Curt will share his story of recovery from addiction. Skate Straight is a collective of people that support each other through the love of skateboarding and sobriety.

Skate Straight has an online store on their website for all of those looking for merchandise for more information please visit their website.

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