Alumni of the Month September 2010 Jimmy S

Before I came to Last Door I was a “what you call a hopeless junkie”, I was in and out of jail and 21 treatment centers later, I had bottomed out in Nanaimo and left a path of destruction that stretched over approximately 15 years. Staying in a homeless center fresh out of detox and cut off from any family contact I still believe to this day I was close to dying inside from loneliness.  I went to a Narcotics Anonymous meeting where I was put in touch with a Last Door alumni who said that he thought it would be wise for me to look at going to the Last Door and said that it would change my life and I would start to see that there was a life after drug addiction and crime. I started to make some calls and 2 weeks later I was told to come for a interview, for the first time in as long as I could remember I felt hope again.

During my stay at Last Door I was shown proper life skills and told if I wanted to stay clean I had to be nice and start caring about the guy next to me. I begun to make some good solid friendships like I have never had before and I noticed that people started to like me for who I was not what I could offer them criminally. I learned that relationships are a major part of life and I started looking at re-building the damage I caused to my family and through guidance and help of my counsellors contact was initiated through a letter then visits. My family started to notice that I had begun to change and I started to install hope backed up with action. As my stay progressed I started to see with my own eyes that people were happy and getting all the things they ever wanted including myself. I spent my whole life wanting to be a part of something and I looked for it in gangs, jails and the street and for the first time ever I felt like I belonged to something and it was the best feeling in the world.Jimmy S

Today I am 23 months clean and was given the opportunity to volunteer and was hired as staff at Last Door, I am currently attending the Substance Abuse Counselling Certificate Program at VCC and for the first time ever I am in a position where I have consistency and meaning to my life. I wake up every morning feeling I have purpose and no longer believe that I was doomed to die in a jail cell or on the streets as a junkie. I have an unbelievable relationship with my family that I have never had before and I firmly believe it’s because I stopped taking them for granted and started to become a productive member of my family.  The greatest gift next to my clean time is being allowed to be a part of my niece’s life that was born when I was 6 months clean and has never had to see me loaded, she is the most precise thing in my life and I love her dearly.  My life today has become about recovery and experiencing life. I truly believe that anything is possible for addicts as long as we all do recovery.