Alumni of the Month November 2009 Dan S

I have always been inspired hearing the stories of alumni and staff members travelling together, making recovery fun and seeing some beautiful sights.  Every picture I looked at with groups of people that got well together at the Last Door made me smile and I really wanted to experience the feeling that they had in that moment.  This year I had the chance to travel with alumni from our Youth and Adult Program, going to Barcelona was an amazing adventure and most recently was this month when I went on a road trip from New Westminster to Calgary with Mike M. Jimmy S. and Robin A. to meet 15 alumni from Alberta to share stories of family, friendship and fun in recovery.

As we piled in the van we were wished a safe journey and given hugs and goodbyes.  The ride was long but travelling with three recovering addicts with as much energy as they had; made it fun and full of laughers.  We took our time, stopping for the chance to take photos and eat.  I could feel the unity we had between each other from getting clean at the Last Door.

I remember walking into the Calgary room where we were all meeting so many familiar faces sitting all together, some with their wives and kids, some with their girlfriends but everyone smiling.  The energy in the room was buzzing with excitement while everyone said hi to each other and were grateful to be clean and having this time together.  I really like the feeling of being in another part of the country but the energy I feel around the Last Door is the same when you put a bunch of us together in another province.  Seeing so many “Door Boys” and their families living in Alberta and doing so well, taking the energy and the lessons with them.

Dan SI got my chance to see the Rocky Mountains and I was in awe for hours.  Clear blue skies on a sunny day with bare roads and snow all over the mountains made for an amazing scene and I was grateful to feel the beauty of something else and experience such a journey with good friends…next stop World Convention Palm Springs 2011.