Alumni of the Month August 2012 Akram F

Life in Recovery and Retirement, from a Door Boys PerspectiveAkram F

My name is Akram and I am a recovering addict. I have been clean for 17 years. I cleaned up at the Last Door at age 42.   I was an Airline Pilot who needed to change before I lost everything.  With the help of Last Door I was able to return back to work, get my life back on track and fulfill my career responsibilities to my employer.  On March 31st, 2012 I retired from my profession as an airline pilot.

On May 2nd, 2012 I began a motorcycle journey across the USA.   The first portion of my trip lasted 50 days and then I came back to Last Door for a week and stayed in one of their Family Suites, I attended Group and shared my experiences with the new guys and lead by example what recovery is really all about.

I am now on the next portion of my road trip and this time I am sending blog emails of my trip to Last Door on a regular basis so the new guys can read my notes, look at pictures of my trip and feel assured that Last Door is a good place to be if they want to get their life back.  It’s the best way I can show how life in long-term recovery is attainable while at the same time helping me stay clean.

Thank you Last Door for supporting me over 17 years of recovery experiences.