Alumni of the Month August 2011 Daniel H

I started using at 13. By the time I was 15, my powerlessness and the unmanageability was obvious. I was being sent off to boot camp where I would spend my 16th and 17th birthdays. I stopped using and promised myself that I wouldn’t go back but I didn’t even last an hour after leaving. I’d wake up in the hospital day after day thinking I had it under control and that I could stop if I wanted to. I had a great job working for the public, was a straight A student, a homeowner, a boyfriend but using was more important. By the end of it I had nothing but an empty house; I’d kicked out the family and boyfriend and completely cut myself off from everything. Even after all this I didn’t see the problem.

If it wasn’t for the hard work of my drug and alcohol counsellor I never would have made it to last door from Lytton, she suggested coming out here and I had promised myself 6 months at the very least. When I completed the 6 months I remember thinking that what I had found here was worth holding on to and worth staying clean for. Like a lot of people I had come in with a variety of preconceived misconceptions on what it took to be in treatment but someone came to me, reached out their hand and said welcome home. I’d felt accepted. I didn’t have to prove anything. The people here just wanted to help. I feel privileged and blessed to now be the person reaching out my hand and to be an alumnus of Last Door.Daniel H

Having completed core treatment in good standing I had been asked to work a summer position at the youth program as a peer mentor. I am currently in transition and thanks to Last Door I will be staying in New Westminster. I’ve been waiting for this my whole life; to live and enjoy life, to have the type of friends that I have today, to have finally left my home town, to feel a sense of direction and purpose in life, to be a son, a brother, an uncle. Now at 19 years old I’m ready to move out on my own and live my life, go back to school, work etc.