Alumni of the Month – Joe D

My name is Joe D and my clean date is January 23d 2016, and I hold that date very close and dear to my heart.

I like to characterize addiction in 2 words, pain and lies. At a young age, I had this false belief about myself that I was somewhat inadequate to my peers, and both of my brothers and the world around me. I quickly started to look up to people in gangs and found myself obsessively trying to look, talk and be exactly like them.

Growing up in an amazing home, Catholic school, and loving family I had strong values and beliefs instilled in me, that I was constantly in conflict with. That internal conflict and pain is what drove me to a life of addiction.

Coming into the Last Door I can remember feeling frustrated, angry, and full of self-pity. I remember being comforted by a staff member named Guy, and he told me “I can see a lot of pain in your eyes, why don’t you give yourself a chance”. It was humbling to hear that someone knew what I was growing through and believed in me, so I stayed. I met my roommate Navid, and they say angels are disguised as people that come into your life and I thank God for the lifelong friendship we created at the Last Door.

I wish I could say my stay at the Last Door was easy, but I used 20 days in and almost lost my privilege to be a client. After that day I could no longer deny the true nature of who I had become, a powerless drug addict who couldn’t stay clean in treatment. There was an ultimatum, stay an addict or become a recovering addict, I made the right choice that night and I haven’t looked back since.  I finished my commitment to treatment at Last Door and stayed 6 months.

Today life is truly amazing, everything I wrote that I wanted in my future I obtained and so much more. I once had hope and now I have faith and trust in the program. I keep recovery as my top priority and have found my passion in doing service work for Hospitals and Institutions. My relationships with my family are full of love, and trust again. I got engaged and have visions of a family one day. I have strong connections with my friends and we continue to be a part of each other’s lives. I have a promising career which I love and dreams of pursuing a job as a stuntman and will be in my first Netflix series this year. I cannot wait to see what the rest of my recovery has in store for me, and it all started at the Last Door. From the bottom of my heart thank you!