Program Strategy


  • To provide a therapeutic environment where clients can overcome addictive behaviors and self defeating patterns,
  • To help clients set and maintain high standards in recovery,
  • To provide exposure to self help programs as a foundation for personal change and growth,
  • To incorporate family and community in the clients’ recovery.

Last Door’s “social model perspective” involves both the individual and his social and physical environment. The therapeutic focus is on the social and behavioral aspects of the physical setting – creating a space where abstinence and recovery are the “norm”. In the course of living as part of this community clients are presented with opportunities to modify and in many case, overcome the addictive behaviors and patterns in their lives.


Lifestyle Group

The Lifestyles Group educates and supports clients in making healthy and informed lifestyle choices. Topics covered include nutrition, money management and over working through to dental care. An in house fitness trainer liaises with various fitness facilities to integrate physical fitness for clients. The goal of this weekly group is to help clients become more aware of the numerous lifestyle choices they can make and chose those that will enhance the quality of the lives while in treatment and post treatment.

Gambling, Media & Internet Addiction Group

This group focuses on recovery from “process” addictions. The goal of this group is to Increase clients’ awareness of the nature of these addictions, how they can correlate with substance use and to learn how to avoid the ongoing damage to their lives and their families.

Recreational Activities

Our belief that “recovery should be fun” is what makes Last Door legendary in the treatment industry. Since 1984 Last Door has implemented social and recreational activities as a necessary part of holistic recovery. Last Door ensures that each client experiences treatment in a positive, energetic environment. Clients are motivated to experience new activities and learn new skills. Their choice of activities ranges from softball, dodge ball, fishing excursions, camping trips through to group hikes throughout BC’s parks. Mixed Martial Arts training is offered three days per week. The local hockey rink is rented on a weekly basis and clients can access the local Olympic size seeming pool and fitness facility. Family participation in recreational and social activities is encouraged and supported.

Holistic Programs

Weekly Yoga, Acupuncture and guided mediation sessions are included in the cost of treatment at Last Door. Certified Naturopathic supports are also offered on an as needed basis.

Inter Faith and Cultural Diversity

Because Last Door is a Social Model Program, clients are supported in practising  their own religious beliefs and culture in a safe and accepting environment. . Individually unique Treatment Plans allow room for clients to imbed their culture and values into their Treatment Plans. Clients are encouraged to practice their beliefs,  whether it be attending  a church or mosque service, a sweatlodge or the Gay Pride Parade.


  • Family
  • Home
  • Work
  • School

It has been said the real work begins after treatment. Last Door has recognized this for close to 30 years. Long Term Recovery requires ongoing support.

Follow Up Support Plans for clients for when they return to work, school and family life are tailored to individual, employer and family needs. Client’s plans include clearly defined activities, goals, expectations and conditions and may include long term monitoring by Last Door staff or other professionals.

There are 1000’s of successful Alumni who have stayed connected with each other and act as role models to clients making this move. It is not uncommon to have Alumni from places such as California or Alberta fly into New Westminster to celebrate their recovery birthdays with new clients.

There are no completion certificates at Last Door hence clients are always welcome to visit and attend groups after they have completed their treatment. This value added service allows clients to stay connected so they can continue to find solutions to the everyday negative and positive life situations, that are inevitable even with years of recovery.

Along with ongoing Alumni clinical supports and following Last Door’s traditions a plethora of Community Events for Alumni and their families is offered year round.

  • Annual Family Program Reunion 
  • Annual Alumni Reunion 
  • Annual Recovery Slo-Pitch Tournament (over 2000 attendees)
  • Theatre, Sporting Events and Comedy Evenings