Intake Forms

Client Profile

  • Adult males 19 and older who are experiencing addiction related issues,
  • Physically & mentally able to participate in all components of an intensive program,
  • Must be open to participate in an abstinence based program,

Referral Procedure

  • All referral sources will be considered,
  • Call 1-888-525-9771 or 604-525-9771 to get on waitlist,
  • Rapid intakes can be arranged,
  • Screening interview required prior to admission,
  • Medical Detoxification prior to intake is preferred but not necessary,

Efficient Fee Structure

  • Private beds are available, $300 and up, fees are structured on a Per Diem basis and invoiced monthly in advance, $500 per day for private detox
  • The first two weeks of treatment are non-refundable however any unused treatment days beyond that are refunded in full. Any unused days of the first two weeks may also be credited toward a client’s next admission if he returns within one year.
  • Contracted Fraser Health Mental Health and Substance Use Services and government beds may be available for those who qualify
  • To learn more about our Efficient Fee Structure please click here

Last Door believes in LONG TERM TREATMENT for LONG TERM RECOVERY. Most clients’ average stay is between three to four months to successfully complete their program. Because clients are at Last Door for a long time we try to make it feel like home and affordable.

In House practices like therapeutic duties, fundraising and outsourcing of select services keeps operating costs down; bringing savings to clients treatment fees. As well, Last Door Recovery Society is a registered non-profit charity able to receive tax deductible donations that subsidize our overhead.

The quality of staff, accommodations, food and recovery makes us one of the best addictions treatment facilities in North America at an affordable price.

Scheduling and Billing

Fees include food, room and board, group and individual counselling, case management, access to family programs, medical resources and planning, treatment planning, social and recreational activities, administration, post treatment planning and alumni group.

See our Addiction Treatment Services

Financial Information

Due to its charity status Last Door receives donations annually from Alumni, Supporters, Fund Raising Events, Foundations and Corporate partners. The under 7% administration costs are a model of efficiency by industry standards. Last Door undertakes an annual Financial Review by Meyer, Norris Penney CGA and all contracts and debt servicing is up to date.

Referral Process

Last Door welcomes inquires via phone or email regarding suitability and availability of services. We ask that a LDRS Referral Package be completed following these initial conversation(s) As part of the screening/intake process Last Door can schedule up to a full day of program viewing for applicants and their referral agents. We welcome clients from across Canada, the United States and around the world and give priority intake to Fraser Health Clients. Call us at 1-888-525-9771.