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Alumni Jim and family from Terrace, BC participated in Last Door’s Family Program

Alumni Jim and family from Terrace, BC
participated in Last Door’s Family Program


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It is not uncommon for individuals to struggle with both addiction and family problems. Optimum outcomes require healing for both the clients and their families. Last Door treatment provides opportunities to address issues like divorce, child custody, alimony, infidelity, abandonment, theft with professional help.

While loved ones of an addict cannot keep someone in recovery, the role that they play in an individual’s recovery can have either negative or positive effect. The truth is that the primary client’s recovery from the damage of their active addiction is enhanced and proceeds more smoothly when there is positive family involvement.

The fact is that an individual’s recovery from the damage of addiction is enhanced when family members and loved ones can participate actively in their recovery program. Last Door’s Family Program provides this opportunity for healing and forgiveness.

While family programs typically take place over the course of a weekend at most treatment centres, Last Door’s Family Program lasts the entire time the client is in treatment and often post treatment. There is no additional cost for family participation. Two onsite family suites facilitate family participation in the treatment process eg: allow for out of town families’ participation.

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