About The Adult Program

Adult Addiction Treatment CentreLast Door Adult Program is a long term residential addiction treatment program for men who are experiencing addiction related issues.

Social Model treatment modality is used. The program is licensed under the Community Care Act and is located in New Westminster, B.C. Canada.
The program is delivered in phases however, clients do not necessarily pass through phases sequentially or at appointed times and are not considered “cured” upon completion.

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Recovery as seen from this social model perspective is a long term process that involves balance between self, community, family and peers.

Adult Rehab ProgramClients at the Last Door Adult Program perform all the duties associated with maintaining the facility. Each client has a job to do and is expected to perform to the best of his ability. Within this life skills context clients are able to address antisocial and unproductive mechanisms for dealing with authority and responsibility.

Clients learn to take responsibility for the consequences of their behaviors and choices by learning to rely on each other for support


Last Door is Licensed under the Community Care Act by the Fraser Health Authority and  Accredited by Accreditation Canada. 

Adult Addiction TreatmentThis form of Licensing is based on Provincial legislation including licensing standards. Last Door is subject to additional regular, comprehensive reviews by Fraser Health to ensure that all Fraser Health programming standards, policies and practices are in compliance with those of Accreditation Canada standards. Comprehensive monitoring of Last Door is undertaken at regular intervals as noted in the FHA agency contract to ascertain that suitable client outcomes are being achieved, financial requirements are being met and program/process delivery is staying to true to established best practices.