Program Strategy



  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Prescription medication misuse
  • Excessive video gaming

Last Door Youth Program fosters experience based learning that enables clients to change values, beliefs and behaviours Our “social model perspective” on architecture and environment involves both the individual and his social and physical environment. We focus on the social and behavioral aspects of the physical setting, creating a space where abstinence and recovery are the norm.

Behavioural Health

Last Door’s multidisciplinary team include an Addiction Physician and Certified Counsellors. Clients receive individualized treatment plans based in identified identified needs. Intervention into mental health issues such as Attention Deficit Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, anxiety, depression and other clinically diagnosed mental health issues occurs.

Youth Program Academy

  • LDYP’s main priority is to stabilize clients’ primary addiction and mental health issues. Clients then explore interests, resolve conflicts and learn how to become positive role models. Contracted tutors are available to assist clients with academic goals.

Experimental Learning

  • LDYP offers a variety of recreational activities such as dances, gym passes, hiking and sporting and community events. LDYP also offers Outdoor Therapy at its countryside retreat facility “Keystone” Family also encouraged and welcome to participate in recreational activities.


  • Provide a therapeutic environment with high standards of conduct and positive peer support,
  • Assist clients to improve self esteem and emotional health,
  • Expose youth to education and experience designed to develop skills conducive to a productive, healthier life style,
  • Employ a holistic, client centered approach to the recovery process by developing plans of care designed to address individual needs,
  • Expose Clients to a strong foundation for personal change, growth and ongoing community support.
  • Improve and heal family relationships affected by substance misuse.

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