Addictive Comedy and the Surrey Strip, adding recovery to addiction

Addictive Comedy started in England and was brought out to Write Rock British Colombia, Addictive Comedy is all about having fun in recovery and staying clean while enjoying it. The show is not just for people who are in recovery it is for anyone who wants to enjoy a night out with friends and laugh. The cast of the show talks about how they use comedy to joke and laugh about addiction but in a way where they would never laugh at someone who is currently using but laugh at themselves when they were in that situation.

In Liverpool in England they have a 24/7 dry bar for people in recovery and in Manchester they have a pop up dry bar. The pop up dry bar in Manchester is a dry bar run by people in recovery for people in recovery. Addictive comedy explains that dry bar there is about community and just having fun without the use of drugs and alcohol. Lizzie Allan teaches people in the recovery community how to tell their stories through Stand Up and then they perform at our Addictive Comedy events. “It’s a liberating experience to talk about what happened through the medium of comedy. Its smashes stigma and helps us to heal.”

Join us this week on Talk Recovery Radio we talk with Addictive Comedy.

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an Interview with Erin, a volunteer who gives her time to the infamous 135a in Surrey, known as the Strip.

“I started out 4 years ago founding the Pop Up Soup Kitchen. It started as a way to give back, feeding the homeless population with home cooked meals…. over the last 4 years I have spent countless hours getting to know the residents and building a very strong relationship with them. During the fentanyl crisis things really took a change and after being part of more overdoses every day, my role turned into an advocacy role, on top of continuing with the soup kitchen 3 days a week”

Hear her story of recovery, giving back, and advocacy.

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