Addiction Treatment Newsletter May 2014

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Youth and Adult Addiction Treatment Centre
Top 10 Recovery Stories of the Month – Newsletter #57 May 2014
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1) Black Tie Dinner Sells Out – watch the video here

A SOLD OUT crowd with 570 guests walked the Red Carpet to celebrate Last Door’s 30th Anniversary, click the link to see pictures and a full evening video showcasing everything from a marriage proposal, guest speakers and the strength of Last Door’s community. This recovery event and fundraiser was carried to success by alumni, family and friends celebrating as they live, without alcohol. The sell out event was made possible by the many volunteers, staff and alumni and was orchestrated to success by our own Giuseppe Ganci who masterminded the details! It was said throughout the evening, “you can feel the love, that’s the difference here, you can feel the love you have for your clients”

Earn CEU Hours, Free Webinar hosted by the BC Council on Substance Abuse, Health Upwardly Mobile and Last Door. Missed last month’s successful webinar? Due to high demand we will host a 2nd webinar. Addiction in the Workplace is a safety issue and equates to 24.3 billion dollars lost a year. Is your Workplace Wellness Initiative part of the solution or the problem? Join us on Wednesday June 25th, only 25 seats available, CACCF Continuing Education hours available to participants.

Forty acres of pristine BC Forest surrounded by fifty acres of protected Crown land provides a surreal peaceful environment for families suffering from addiction issues to heal, special services including PTSD Trauma Therapy will be just some of the addiction treatments available. Watch the intro video to Keystone and see how responsiveness to client needs has once again led to expansion of Last Door services.

A new book shares the possibility for recovery from nicotine, alcohol, drugs and self. A Baker’s Dozen, Glimpses of Hope and Rays of Light For the Road by our own Nick Ringma. The book was launched during Last Door’s 30th Anniversary Celebration on April 26th 2014, Autographed copies were sold and sales from the book, over $3,400 were donated to Last Door. This book is both encouragement for the journey and an embrace along the way. A solid recovery perspective lives on every page as an antidote for much of what parades in the media as the problem.

A Baker’s Dozen, Glimpses of Hope and Rays of Light For the Road

by Nick Ringma

Last Door’s urban deck and yard gardens not only provide clients with delicious organic vegetables and herbs, they teach clients the importance of healthy eating while stimulating their senses and feeling part of natures beauty.

Clients with co-occurring disorders find themselves calming down and adapting to Last Door’s Social Model Program, with less anxiety they can write the written exercises as part of their addiction treatment plan and gradually make changes in their life that will help them overcome their addiction issues and stabilize any concurrent issues.

Always ahead of the curve, Last Door is closer to having a paperless office, Last Door’s office works now on Microsoft SharePoint, along with our state of the art custom built CRM, Sharepoint and Last Door’s CRM will streamline admissions, electronic health records, assessments and communication between staff, clients, health agencies, health professionals and workplace wellness case managers. This new phase of our office development will also maintain accurate records for reporting while reducing our carbon footprint.

FOR SALE SOON we will be licensing our custom designed CRM to other Health Facilities to better improve industry standards, stay tuned for more details on how to see a demo of our software for small to mid size health facilities.

Hi my name is Ryan I’m an addict. I grew up in Winnipeg in a single parent home, my father was a small business owner and he and my mother separated when I was 4 years old. I started drinking alcohol when I was 12 years old and eventually I got into hard drugs by the time I was 15.

I spent time in and out of youth jail and eventually adult jail, a total of 4 years was spent in the justice system due to me using drugs and living a life of crime to support my life style. After my last prison sentence my son Riley was born and I had made promises and commitments to Riley’s mother that I was going to get a job, stay clean and be a good father. Well I broke my promises, to read more about Ryan’s story, click the above link.

Social Model Addiction Treatment Programs allow clients to participate in real life recovery events so they can experience the practical benefits of living life in recovery.

Many of Last Door’s recreational activities take place on weekends after a full week of group, counselling and written work. Families of Clients are encouraged to attend, and events are usually attended by alumni with 10 to 25 years in recovery, leading by example.

Last Door has been using the tag line Breaking the Chains of Addiction for decades, to mark our 30th Anniversary we are pleased to offer our Special Edition “Breaking the Chain” Ring, from Fame Diamonds

  • White or Yellow Gold $750
  • Platinum – By Estimate
  • Silver – $130
  • Order your ring today by calling 604-525-9771.

10) Addiction News

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