Addiction Treatment E-News, Holiday Issue December 2015

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Addiction treatment

Youth and Adult Addiction Treatment Program E-NEWS Issue 68 Holiday Issue, a year in review


#GoPlaid 4 kids Challenge

Last Door Youth Program presents “Go Plaid 4 Kids” Challenge to support
– Take a picture of yourself
– Post it on social media and challenge 5 friends to post theirs too
– Donate $20 to Last Door’s Youth Program
– Support Drug Free Kids
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A message from Louise

First, I want to wish everyone a pleasant holiday season and a prosperous and happy New Year!

It’s been another banner year here at Last Door, many exciting and interesting things have taken place. Keystone continues to grow and is fitting nicely into the rhythm of Last Door.

People often joke that New Westminster is the “Mayberry” of recovery.  Although many of our clients are too young to know what Mayberry is, most of us get the analogy. ALL of us feel the sense of community and pride that Last Door embodies. My heartfelt gratitude to our many supporters and my thanks for having been given a piece of this recovery pie!  To view photos of out 2015 Christmas Party visit here

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Detox, trauma and addiction treatment in review 

Expanding services.  These two words summarize a year of program reviews and launches.  The introduction of detox capacity for specialized clients, the introduction of our NTST programs for trauma and PTSD to military personnel and the program improvements in our specialized addictions treatment all contributed to a year of growth and celebration. The greatest of these were the continuous improvements to our addictions treatment with the introduction of additional staff as well as the training of two additional group facilitators, the updated written exercises and our integration of electronic client care records.

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Youth Program celebrates 20 years in 2016

A 20 year milestone is approaching for Last Door Youth Program.  A sincere thank you to our donors, referral sources, Fraser Health Authority, alumni and families who help us provide hope and a safe place for youth to heal from addiction’s devastating consequences.

In the 90’s, the thought of youth entering a nicotine free residential program was impossible, yet 20 years later, Last Door Youth Program is one of Canada’s most reputable recovery programs for high risk teens, aged 14 years to 18.

This past year has been a success – In 2015 we provided just over 3,200 bed days of treatment and services for their families. Stay tuned to our facebook page to learn more about our Youth Program’s 20 year milestone.  

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Last Door welcomes new Medical Director

The Last Door Recovery Society is pleased to welcome to its team Dr. Don Hedges as Last Door’s Medical Director.  

Since 1990 Dr. Hedges medical practice has been devoted primarily to addiction medicine and since 1993 to occupational addiction medicine including independent medical examinations of health professionals, law enforcement officers, lawyers and municipal, provincial and federal employees.  When indicated, Dr. Hedges has provided comprehensive treatment protocols, facilitated access to treatment resources and assisted with relapse prevention and relapse management including medical monitoring.  

Dr. Hedges has provided hundreds of expert opinions in addiction medicine and has been recognized as an expert in addiction medicine by the Supreme Court of British Columbia, the British Columbia Court of Appeals, the Human Rights Tribunal and the adjudicators of numerous labour relations hearings.  In 1992 Dr. Hedges became the moderator of British Columbia’s first Caduceus group (an aftercare and accountability group for health professionals in recovery).   He is the a co-author of Stepping Forward:  Improving Addiction Care in British Columbia, which was adopted in March 2009 by the B. C. Medical Association as its policy statement.  Dr. Hedges has delivered many lectures on addiction medicine to peers and professional organizations.  He is a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine, the International Society of Addiction Medicine and the Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine.  

Welcome Dr. Hedges to the Last Door team!

Talk Recovery Radio Show

Every week Last Door powers up the air ways with Talk Recovery, a radio show about addiction and recovery issues. Expert Guests from across North America discuss the many paths to recovery with us on 100.5 fm in Vancouver.

January shows:

  • Do you really get me, finding value in yourself and others through empathy and connection
  • Naturopathic Medicine and Addiction
  • Conquer chronic pain
  • PTSD and Addiction

Replay all past shows

Recovery New Year’s Eve 

  • You are invited to the legendary Recovery New Year’s Eve Event hosted by the West Coast Area of Narcotics Anonymous
  • One of Canada’s Largest Recovery Events on New Years
  • Located at the Roundhouse Centre in Yaletown
  • West Coast Area is known for its amazing events, if you want a safe place to enjoy a holiday, attend these events, you will never say recovery is boring again.
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