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Season Greetngs and Merry Christmas to all our supporters, clients, alumni and family program participants.

As we reflect on the past year our hearts filled with gratitude.  It’s been a year of celebrations, newcomers, challenges, grief, hope and recovery. Last Door thanks the community for allowing us to be part of so many awe inspiring moments, from thousands of coffees and conversations, to community recovery events, to families healing.

Thank you to all our volunteers, supporters, and donors who made 2016 an incredible year for abstinent based addiction recovery. Connecting people is the heartbeat of recovery, we connected thousands of people.

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addiction recovery

As a kid I remember never feeling okay with who I was, not at home with my family or with my friends at school. Some traumatic stuff happened to me growing up and I didn’t handle it very well. I chose to hold in my feelings and went through life on the outside looking in.

When I was 13 I got loaded for the first time and I remember thinking “this was it”. I no longer had to worry about if anyone liked me, I could talk to girls and I could finally be myself. As I grew older staying high became the most important thing in my life. I didn’t care who I had to lie to, steal from or manipulate to get more of what I wanted. By the time I turned 21 I was living on the downtown east side doing whatever it took to stay high.

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BC Centre on Substance Abuse hears from the recovery community 


On November 10, 2016 the BCCSU hosted its first meeting with members of the treatment and recovery community. Over 40 participants representing the addiction treatment industry attended the Recovery Summit. The province announced the creation of the new British Columbia Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU). The Centre’s mission is to provide recommendations to the Health Authorities, the Ministry of Health, health care providers, and to inform the residents of BC on the best treatment and public health practices for substance use. Topics discussed – Recovery, Continuum of Care, Medication, Mental Health, Healthcare Provider Training.

On Friday December 9th our advocacy message will be shared with Health Authorities and the Ministry of Health. Together we can stop overdoses with recovery.

Annual General Meeting

addiction recovery annual general meetingLast Door Recovery Society’s Annual General Meeting took place on November 4th 2016. There were reports, numbers, budgets, stories, laughing, a few tears, and lots of gratitude. We welcomed New Board Member Ron Newell to our Board and thanked Akram for many years of service on the Board.  Thank you to everyone who attended and everyone who supports our vision of recovery, addicts can recover and find a new way to live

HOOKED? Drugs, alcohol, addiction and recovery… what do University of BC students know?

addiction-treatment-2989% of UBC Students to not know how to use a Naloxone Kit.

Last Door set up an awareness and information booth during Thrive Week at UBC to discuss addiction, substance use, binge drinking, and over dose awareness on campus.

A survey was created called “Hooked?” asking students thought provoking questions so we can learn what the current student body’s relationship is with drugs, alcohol and prescription medications… We also wanted to learn what their knowledge is about addiction and recovery. The results are in.  Hundreds of students stopped by our booth to talk with us and to complete the survey.  One of the students is actually in treatment today.. a great way to validate the week long initiative.  Talking about the issues is the first step towards a solution to addiction. Thank you UBC Dollar Project and Thrive at UBC.

Click here to see all the results of our week long survey. 

Rewarding legal and illegal drug dealers in the Fentanyl Crisis

dtesThe addiction system of care has devolved into warehousing for addicted persons.  The pharmaceutical companies (big Pharma) have co-opted the system of care so that a substance effected dislocation is treated with an addictive substance.  Methadone and Suboxone are touted as treatments for addiction.  They are not.  They are in Aldous Huxley’s words, “the Soma drug that makes a generation manageable or pliable or “controllable.”  Persons on replacement therapies cannot fly airplanes, drive trucks, do surgery or even fight fires.  These “career” persons get abstinence based treatment paid for from government or their professional associations.  Yet the poor or less fortunate are given medication.   Every addict deserves the same level of recovery.  As a society we have higher hopes for our people.

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Talk Recovery Radio

Talk Recovery 2Have you heard Last Door’s weekly radio show?

December Shows – Giving Back and the holidays

8 guests from local community members to authors and researchers in the addiction recovery industry

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christmas-givingWe will be publishing a list of items that are needed during the Holiday season for our clients and their families, and a Christmas wishlist for Last Door.

Tis the season for giving.. 

Getting Ready for the Holidays

addiction recovery over the hoidaysThank you to all our alumni, clients and donor’s who helped decorate Last Door’s 6 facilities. Thank you Brendan B, Josh F and Single Source Rentals for your contribution in making sure the lights were set up safely.


You’re invited to BC’s largest recovery event on New Year’s Eve!

Addiction Recovery New Year Vancouver Event

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