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Last Door continues growth and innovation aimed at being a world leader in addiction treatment. Last Door decided to further its credentials in the health care community by seeking Accreditation Canada accreditation. The two year process involved evaluation of current systems and structures with improvements and changes applied where needed.


In late February 201addiction treatment recovery6 Accreditation Canada conducted a Primer Survey of our programs that resulted in Last Door receiving Accreditation.  Surveyors stated they were particularly impressed with Last Door’s staff, client and stakeholder engagement and understanding of our mission and values. This high level of engagement is apparently very rare and highly sought throughout the health care community. Surveyors also cited our custom electronic health records as notable.

Although our programs are licensed as under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act by the Provincial Ministry of Health and Fraser Health Authority, this added recognition brings Last Door to the forefront as a program of note within the industry and validates our service quality.

As a licensed care facility Last Door is subject to regular, comprehensive reviews by Fraser Health Community Care Licensing and Mental Health and Substance Abuse services. These reviews ensure that all guidelines and standards of care are upheld. Regular monitoring ascertains that suitable client outcomes are being achieved, financial requirements are being met and program / process delivery is staying to true to established best practices.

Although Community Care Licensing is based on provincial legislation including licensing standards and supersedes requirements for any other accreditation,   Accreditation Canada’s seal of approval adds to our repertoire and aura of success while providing some valuable learning experiences.

A word from Accreditation Canada:

To Whom It May Concern,

This success demonstrates the Society’s commitment to providing quality care and service to the community. Accreditation Canada’s program is recognized by all Health Ministries in Canada and by many health care associations and programs. Organizations achieve quality and safety by:

  • Assessing and building accountability, quality and safety throughout the entire organization, not solely at a service or program level
  • Supporting the development of a sustainable culture on improvement that permeates throughout the organization
  • Supporting organizations to make the most of resources by focusing on improving efficiencies, staff communication, safety and well-being
  • Meeting national standards of excellence.

Accreditation Canada itself is accredited by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua) for its organization, standards and surveyor training program, and has been in operation for over 55 years.”  …. Madeleine Drew, Accreditation Canada Manager, Client Services.

What Does Accreditation Canada mean to our stakeholders?

  • Strengthen the culture of service excellence and innovation in the programs and services we provide
  • Excellence in achieving quality outcomes and inspiring innovation by facilitating and promoting the generation of new ideas and championing continuous improvement
  • Enhance communication effectiveness and accountability
  • Promote a social responsible work environment
  • Foster social, cultural and economic well-being through lifelong learning and engagement with Board, staff, and volunteers