2 Projects that allow technology to meet addiction and recovery

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Last Door introduces 2 Projects that allows technology to meet addiction and recovery.

Last Door has been an innovator and a forward thinking addiction treatment centre for close to 30 year now.  Did you know that we were one of the first treatment centres to offer a nicotine free smoking cessation program when most others thought it was impossible to do in the addiction field?

Last Door is pleased to announce the 2 following Projects it has been working on over the past year.

Project 1:  New Custom CRM


Screen Shot of Last Door's Custom iCRM

Two years ago Last Door started to consider transferring its paper client files to Electronic Health Records and how we could incorporate our donors, volunteers and referral agents all into one efficient Contact Management System (CRM).  Despite extensive research it was almost impossible to find a CRM that could work within Last Door’s complex demands, vigorous reporting systems, follow-up questionnaires and extensive contact database.  Eventually Last Door decided to develop its own CRM using the world’s largest and most popular open source database MySQL.

By developing our own state of art CRM – we have  enhanced our screening protocols and are efficient at identify co-occurring disorders and substance use problems by electronically integrating GAF GAIN HoNOS SOGS DAST into Last Door’s extensive and exclusive thorough digital assessment process.


What does that mean to everyone?

  • Easy to use Electronic Health Record tools
  • East to use Contact Management  tools
  • Better service
  • Better relationships with donors
  • Better connection with Alumni
  • Reduce paper use
  • Easy DATA look up
  • Easy management of client files, case notes
  • Easy to create custom reports
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Easy to create relationships between referral agents and clients
  • Tracking
Last Door has been using its CRM for close to a year now and the benefits of custom data entry and  custom data pulling has improved Last Door’s services; ultimately providing the best care to our clients, stakeholders and community partners.  Contact us if you would like details about our CRM.
Project 2:  New Global iPhone App launching next month
  Stay tuned to Last Door`s facebook page, twitter account and next month`s newsletter for full details on how to download our
Download individually or as a group for treatment centre alumni